Bisa Butler creates quilted portraits of both everyday and notable African Americans, working from images she finds in historic archives. She uses color to communicate the inner personalities of her subjects and employs a variety of fabrics to illustrate her constructed stories of their lives. Forever is a quilted portrait of actor, activist, and playwright Chadwick Boseman (1976–2020). Butler’s works are in the collections of many museums across the United States, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

A portion of the sales will be given to the Chadwick Boseman Foundation for the Arts.


Hannah Overbeck

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Hannah Overbeck was one of four sisters who in 1911, inspired by the burgeoning Arts and Crafts movement, together founded Overbeck Pottery. She brought her skills as a watercolorist to creating many of the decorative designs for their handmade ceramics, drawing the plant life in the gardens on her family property in Cambridge City, Indiana.


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